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Understanding Buying Behavior And How To Maximize Facebook Ads

Understanding Buying Behavior and How To Maximize Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a fantastic way for online stores to bring their products to the attention of a bigger audience. Better yet, the right audience.

For e-commerce users, these ads can give you an easy way to reach a very specific customer and bring them to your website.

Here are some tips and tricks to get the absolute most of your Facebook ads so you can get more clicks, more sales, and more customers.

  • Multi-product Carousels.

A multi-product carousel is a great type of advert for any online business. This type of ad can easily increase your clicks while decreasing your costs! Customers want to be able to see more products and with this type of advert, they can! These fun adverts give your customers something to click, play with and explore. This draws them into your website and toward your products. It is a great place to group products that work well together. It’s also a great place to show a wide range of products together. For example, let’s say you sell skis, not everyone is going to want to buy skis right away so you could instead show other products you offer such as boots, gloves, goggles, and wax. These other products draw customers in and once they’re in there’s a better chance that they’ll be repeat customers when they’re looking for larger items down the road.

  • Video Adverts.

Facebook’s algorithm almost always gives priority to video advertisements. A video advert is far more likely to find its way into someone’s Facebook feed! It’s also a far more engaging format. In fact, statistics show that more than half of Facebook’s daily users watch videos on their platform every day. Videos start instantly playing as you scroll over them, making your customers much more likely to take the time to watch them. This is also a great way to show your products in action! For example, the company Asos uses their video adverts to show off their range of clothing. If you’re in the fashion business you could do a similar ad.

  • Everybody loves a discount

It’s true! Everybody loves a good discount and offering one is a great way to bring new customers in! Offering an introductory discount is a wonderful way to draw people into your website. With this type of ad, clicking it gives customers a unique code they can redeem for a discount when making their purchase!

  • Custom call-to-action!

Creating a custom call-to-action is a fun new feature that is often overlooked and underused by brands and e-commerce sellers. This simple little feature can boost your click-through rate drastically! Head to the “links and texting” section while setting up your advert. This will give you a few drop down options such as “Learn More”, “Shop Now” and “Sign Up”. This is also where you can create your own, custom call-to-action! Doing that drives customers to click and boosts your potential sales.

There is a ton of great options when it comes to setting up your Facebook adverts! These were just a few of the options you might want to try out next time you advertise your business!    

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