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Understanding Buyer Personas

Understanding Buyer Personas

All businesses have a common need irrespective of their size, category, and structure; and this common need is its customers. This need is such a core part of all businesses that it is often the sole factor that makes or mars businesses. Companies are constantly in search of creative and effective means of getting their target customers, and one of the proven means of achieving this objective is to create a very detailed buyer persona.

What is a buyer persona?

Buyers personas, which is otherwise referred to as marketing personas, are pseudo-fictitious depiction of a company’s ideal customers from market research and extrapolated real data about the existing business customers. They vary from business to business with some have one or two personas while others have as much as 10 or 15. This generalized representation of who a business’s ideal customer would be is of immense benefits with regards to product/services marketing and sales.

Why Buyer Personas are important to Businesses

The depth to which a company understands its buyer personas will be the determinant of its success with regards to customer acquisition and retention as well as other critical business driving areas like product development, content creation, and sales follow up. Some of the other core importance of buyer persona(s) to businesses has been highlighted below:

  • A detailed buyer persona will afford companies considerable insight into understanding their customers (and prospective customers) very well. This insight could be obtained through interviews, surveys, research, etc.
  • Businesses are better able to structure their business processes more intelligibly as services, messaging, content, and product development can be tailored to meet the precise needs, concerns and behavior of their ideal customers.
  • Resources like time and capital are better utilized since the specific needs, and interest of the target buyers have been identified.
  • Product development is carried out more clearly with distinctive and well-refined objectives; consequently, the company is better organized.
  • Well detailed buyer persona(s) attracts the most relevant customers, leads, and visitors to a business.

Effect of Buyer Personas on Marketing

Creating the right buyer personas allows businesses to promote the right message and content that most resonates with their target audience. Such companies can also personalize their marketing strategy to meet the needs of the different buyer personas they have. In addition to this, when buyer personas are used alongside the lifecycle stage of the customer (or prospective customer), companies and businesses can create highly specific content that is more engaging and capable of moving the customer to the next stage in the customer lifecycle stage.

Conversely, by creating negative personas or exclusionary persona, companies can be more prudent in their marketing attempt and avoid wasting resources on the wrong leads. This makes for a marketing system that has higher sales productivity, lower cost-per-lead and cost-per-customer.

How to create ideal buyer personas

When creating a buyer persona(s) for a company, a rule of thumb is to be very specific. The more details you have to work with, the better. Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration are the ideal customer goals, motivations, behavior patterns, and demographics.

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