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The Difference Between Marketing And Public Relations

The Difference Between Marketing and Public Relations

For many people, marketing, and public relations often seem like two interchangeable areas of business. But that is not the case; marketing and PR are two completely different things, and in this article, we will explain to you those differences.

Some of the areas in which marketing teams and PR teams differ are as follows:

  • Goals. One of the primary differences between public relations and marketing is that they have different end goals. A marketing team’s job is to promote and increase interest in a specific product or service, whereas a public relations team has an overarching goal of maintaining a good company image and promoting the company’s positive reputation.
  • Audiences. PR teams aim their messages at different audiences when compared to marketing teams. Marketing teams, for example, tend to focus exclusively on customers (and potential customers). Public relations teams, however, have a broader audience they play to; not only do they work to connect with consumers, they must also strive to engage others who support the company (such as investors, suppliers, and even the company’s employees). Ultimately, marketing focuses on people who can make the company money (by buying products or services), whereas public relations focuses on keeping up a positive image to maintain a good reputation with everyone.
  • Different measurements for success. Because marketing and public relations teams have such different goals, it should come as no surprise to learn that they measure success differently as well. A marketing team will judge success according to whether or not they met their targeted sales goal for whatever product r service they were trying to get consumers to buy. A public relations team, on the other hand, will often measure success according to how many beneficial relationships they’ve formed for the company or how much positive press they have generated in the allotted time frame.
  • Length of operation. Another major difference between marketing and public relations is how long they take to accomplish their respective goals. Marketing projects tend to be shorter than PR projects since their main goal is to increase interest in a given product or service as quickly as possible in order to gain additional revenue (basically, they want quick and profitable results). PR campaigns, meanwhile, generally last longer; this is because they have a long-term goal of increasing the company’s positive reputation going into the future.

Different methods. Finally, marketing and public relations teams use vastly different tactics to go about achieving their goals. Marketing campaigns typically focus on various forms of advertising (such as commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, online ads, radio announcements, and so on). Public relations teams, on the other hand, focus more on reputation management and increasing the company’s positive public image; they do this by generating positive press coverage and increasing the level of communication between the company and the people who are connected to it (such as investors, suppliers, and stakeholders).

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