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How To Use Facebook Retargeting Ads

How to Use Facebook Retargeting Ads

Remember the last time when you went on an online shopping spree? You selected all those amazing dresses for an event, couldn’t make the choice for which one to buy and ended up buying nothing. And as soon as you clicked that cross button on your tab you knew you were going to regret that decision because there is no way you could find it again against the million other closed tabs in your history. Fast forward few days, you are scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook and you see that same dress pop up on your screen and this is nothing less than a miracle for you! How could Facebook possibly know what you have wanted?

Seeing the other side of the picture. Isn’t it frustrating when a customer visits your site, checks a few items, spend ages wandering on it and then leaves without buying anything or leaves an item in their cart? And you know what the worst part is? You may never get a visit back from them the moment they close that tab!

This is where Facebook retargeting ads come into play. That dress that magically appeared on your feed and the opportunity to close in your customers by keeping in touch with them and constantly reminding them of your e-store is all possible now thanks to Facebook retargeting ads.

So, What is Facebook Retargeting? It is a highly effective online advertising and marketing tool. Retargeting is simply remarketing. You give Facebook certain information about your customers and facebook retargets your ads to the people who have previously shown interest in your website. You get a code for clients’ websites, whenever a potential customer visits it, a cookie is placed on their browsers. This cookie helps keep track of the visitors and even sends information like what pages were visited back to Facebook.

Here are some of the requirements one must have when setting up Facebook Retargeting Ads:

  1. Obviously a website or an app
  2.  Facebook pixel
  3. Custom Facebook audience
  4. Custom Ads

A few simple steps to use and create Facebook retargeting ads:

  1. Select Audience after logging into your Facebook Ads manager.
  • At the top left-hand side of the screen, click on Bussiness Manager.
  • Find the Audience in the drop-down menu.
  1. Select Custom audience by clicking on create an audience.
  • We custom build the audience for retargeting which allows us to approach the people who visited the website.
  1. Choose Website Traffic for the purpose of retargeting
  2. From the dropdown menu select your target audience
  3. Your Pixel code! Get it and place it on your website
  • Pixel code helps you track your visitors.

By implementing a thoughtfully structured and a good retargeting strategy; you can boost your sales, yield greater ad engagements and recapture your sales by solidifying your place in the subconscious of your customers. Facebook retargeting ads help make creative, nonrepetitive and custom tailored ads according to the needs of your visitors.

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