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How To Come Up With Blog Topics

How to Come Up With Blog Topics

Do you sometimes struggle to think of ideas for what you’re going to write about next week?  Do you wish that you could jumpstart your brain to come up with some new trains of thought you can jump on?  Well we are here to help! When you are always trying to produce new content, sometimes it can feel like you’re trying to scale a large wall.  These are some tips to help you come up with the blog topics you can sink your teeth into.


Brainstorming is a fantastic way to try to stir up your brain’s juices to come up with something new.  You will want to be in a space that you feel comfortable and that you will be inspired to think of new ideas.  Try to think of where works best for you.  However, not all brainstorming tactics were created equal, so here are some that work especially well for thinking of strong blog topics.

The first is the idea map.  Mapping out your ideas can help give you a sense of how your ideas relate to one another in a shotgun to laser format.  This means starting vague and working toward the details. Write the core of what your blog is about in the center.  This is vague such as healthcare, flooring, child care, electronics, or cars.  Then you can lay ideas out like a web, still staying broad, such as techniques, equipment, history, influential contributors, etc.  This can have as many layers you want to until you feel like you have blog topics for your posts.

Another brainstorming method of note is the quantity to quality method.  When you first begin brainstorming, write down every idea that comes to mind, no matter how ridiculous or non-related it may seem.  You don’t want to judge your ideas yet.  After you believe you’ve come up with a good number of ideas, switch to quality.  Cross off the ideas you don’t think would fit well with your content, improve others that you think could use some tweaking, and develop good ideas so that you have strong blog topics.

Look through your Archives

Sometimes the best method to find something new to write about is to look at what you have already written.  What can you follow-up on?  Did you mention a detail that you think could be expanded and discussed in its own post?  Has something changed from the last time you talked about a particular subject?  These types of questions can allow you to think of new ideas out of your past ideas.

Walk Away

Sometimes it is just best to let your conscious mind take a break.  Our subconscious can be the source of our greatest ideas.  If you are trying so hard to think of new topics and they just aren’t coming to you, go on a walk. Take a drive. Relax. By giving your subconscious mind time to chew on the problem, you are likely to come to some fresh ideas sooner.

Ask a Friend/Loved One

Sometimes the best way to arrive at new ideas is to ask someone that you trust open-ended questions for you to draw inspiration from.  Ask them what has always confused them about regarding your blog’s focus.  Ask them if there is anything they wish they knew about or how to do.  See if they know any interesting bits of information not everyone knows.  With everyone having different levels of knowledge about different areas of life, this can be an effective way to see what your average person knows and wants to know.


In the end, everyone will have their own preference on how they think they best come up with new ideas.  That’s good.  But these are some methods that can help a struggling writer think of strong topics for them to cover.  Do what feels most comfortable for you.  You might just have something hit you when you least expect it.

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