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How To A Write A Blog That People Actually Want To Read

How to a Write a Blog that People Actually Want to Read


Anyone can write a blog, but frankly, a lot of the stuff that’s on the Internet just isn’t worth reading. They’re just self-indulgent personal diaries that ramble on and on about nothing, or keyword spam that contain no interesting content. But that kind of blog defeats it’s on purpose because you’re turning away your audience – and what use is a blog if nobody wants to read it? Here are tips on how to write a blog that is interesting, engaging, and will build a loyal following.

Find your niche

A blog that writes about everything, or tackles topics in a very general way, will offer no real or concrete value to your readers. Try to narrow down your focus and slant, and find a unique way of approaching your topic.

For example, instead of just running a cooking blog, differentiate yourself by focusing on meals you can cook on a budget, or meals you can make in 20 minutes, or even a particular type of cuisine (like authentic Indian recipes, or keto-friendly). While this narrows down your audience, you are more likely to rank in that keyword, and you also give content that people can’t find elsewhere.

Make sure your text is easy to read

Avoid long chunks of text – that’s boring! Break up paragraphs with subheadings and photos, pull quotes, or even Instagram grabs or embedded videos. Also, make sure that you use a font that isn’t too decorative. That looks cheesy and dated, and it is difficult for people to scan and browse text.

Develop a design template

Many people think that blogs are words, but actually, the design or layout helps create your image and sets you apart from other blogs. Aside from font, color scheme and the grid  – which you can set up in WordPress – work on details. For example, decide what type of photos you want to use (illustrated or real pictures? What filters will you use?). You may also want to play around with simple design software so you can make images like infographics or quotes that people can share. All this helps create a unified blog design and engages your audience’s attention.

Interact with your readers

You want readers to react and feel that you’re actually listening to what they say. Pose questions at the end of your blog post, inviting them to share their ideas or comments. Hold reader surveys or even invite a reader to contribute to a post (or interview them for one). This is how to write a blog that builds your loyal community!

Pay attention to the quality of your writing

This should be common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many blogs are filled with grammar and spelling errors. You don’t have to be an award-winning novelist, but at least proofread your articles to catch these mistakes. And if you can’t be creative, at least be clear.

But if writing isn’t your strong suit, you can still know how to a write a blog. The secret? Just be logical and clear.  Make an outline of what points you want to make, and use simple words. There’s nothing worse than trying to “sound smart” by using words you don’t understand or writing long and flowery sentences.

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