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How One Company Made A $1,000,000 In ONE Month!

How one company made a $1,000,000 in ONE month!

Marketing automation is one of the greatest triumphs in the field of marketing and communications today. When used correctly, this form of marketing can alleviate hundreds of hours of manual cold calls, email follow up and direct marketing. Many of our clients have seen it transform their day-to-day operations for the better.

A quick success story: Since we started integrating inbound marketing into our marketing practices, one of our clients has seen a 40% increase in sales within 15 days! It was in part to inbound marketing, but most specifically, email marketing. Before working with us, this client had 2,224 abandoned carts in their e-commerce store. Although the client was doing well on social media platforms and averaging 1k+ website visitors a day, their sales remained steady.

By pairing marketing and email automation together, we were able to turn this client’s website into the ultimate salesperson. By capturing leads on the website, researching which page they visited and which product they clicked on, our company was able to effectively implement their inbound marketing strategy with the use of targeted emails and entertaining promotional videos.

Within 15 days, this client’s abandoned carts decreased from 2,224 to 1,109 which resulted in more than $80k in increased revenue! Crazy right?! Within ONE month, the client’s sales have increased to $1,000,000 in monthly revenue. This is from October to February of THIS year. Talk about a proven process.

I am a firm believer in marketing automation especially when it comes to email marketing. Feel free to check out the blog below about how email marketing can grow your business.

Here’s the blog: How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business.

If you think your business can benefit from email marketing, feel free to send me a message. Would love to visit with you!


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